News - 2010-07-04

SokoSave Mobile v501 Released

Full-screen mode, French and German translations, more puzzles.

SokoSave Mobile is a version of Sokoban for mobile devices running Windows Mobile 6, 5, and 2003. It supports unlimited undo/redo, saving and loading of game positions, intuitive game controls, and computer-assisted movement which makes game-play fluid and enjoyable.

Changes in release v501 include:

  • New full-screen mode improves playability for large puzzles.
  • Now supports translation of program and documentation. New program languages: French (by Vincent Knecht) and German (by Matthias Meger).
  • Now supports start-at-end-position puzzles, such as those by Erim Sever, in which the game starts with all boxes on goals, and the pusher moves boxes away from and then back onto goals.
  • Added puzzle collections:
    • “Sasquatch X” (incomplete), “Microban IV” (incomplete) by David W. Skinner
    • “Mulholland D”, “Mulholland 2”, “V2009”, “V2010” by Shaggath
    • “Warehouse Volume I” by Rick Sladkey
    • “Haikemono”, “Pufiban”, “Small chessboards” by Jordi Doménech
    • “E LevelSet 1”, “E LevelSet 2”, “E LevelSet 3” (excluding Hexoban puzzles), “E LevelSet 4”, “E LevelSet 5” by Erim Sever
    • “Blazz”, “Blazz2” by Blaž Nikolič
  • Updated puzzle collections:
  • Resolved issue with puzzle board scrollbars appearing unnecessarily when device orientation changed with the playback toolbar hidden.
  • Resolved issue in which a failed product version check displayed only an unhelpful message “missing optional assembly” as the failure reason.
  • Fixes for several obscure bugs.